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What the property sellers say about us

"I sold my house within 4 days. The sale was quick and smooth. There was no pressure. The buyer explained to me about the property sale process and that makes me understand and comfortable to go through the sale process."

- Mr Foong, Shah Alam

"The buyer shares with us some property sale options. We chose one that give us a higher sale price than we would expect to get if we had made a normal sale transaction. We got more money than we expected so thank you."

- Tok Ismail, Selangor

"I sold my house at below market price for a quick sale. Because I saved on agent’s fees and other miscellaneous expenses and loan instalment interests while waiting, I was able to sell the property at a lower price and conclude the property sale fast. Before this, I had been waiting for many months to sell through an estate agent. This quick sale helps me to move on in life and free me from the stress of mortgage payments and calls from the bank.

- Ms Lee, Kuala Lumpur

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I sold my shop and leased it back. I am still operating my business from the same shop. Now, I have more cash in working capital to grow my business. I am glad to sell the shop and then be able to rent it back. Because I lease it back on a leased option, I can even buy it back later when my business finances improve.

- Mr Liow, Cheras

I have a very old property that needs a lot of repairs and I was afraid that I would have to wait for very long time before anyone would be interested, or I had to incur heavy expenses to do the repairs before I could sell it off. To my surprise, the buyer bought it within 3 days of viewing the property. What a relief.

- Encik Ahmad, Selangor

I just bought a property and having some personal problems and need to move back to my hometown. If I sell it to others, I would have to pay a heavy penalty because of the bank loan lock-in period and make a huge loss on the sale proceeds. What a relief when the buyer is able to take over my mortgage payments and let me move on in my life. The property was sold in 4 days and all paperwork completed less than one month. I avoided paying the bank penalties. The buyer also took care of the legal fees, valuation fees and other miscellaneous property costs. I managed to sell it at market value.

- Ms Catherine Yee, Puchong

I inherited a property from my father that is in Penang and I have no time to deal with the tenant issues and things. I can’t travel from Johor to Penang and deal with the property matters, because I have my business and family to take care of here. The buyer viewed it once and liked it and offered me a deal within 5 days. I can now sleep with peace in my mind having sorted out the property.

- Mr Ramasamy, Johor

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